House Tour / January 26, 2018

HOUSE TOUR – Living Room


The living room was a major factor in why we bought this house.  It has floor to ceiling windows on two sides and a two story ceiling.  The windows look out onto a small lake next to our property.  It feels so open and we love the view.  We haven’t done anything major to this room other than furnish it.  We’ve gone through several different rugs, one couch change and a new set of chairs.  I would love to eventually replace the ceiling fan with a great chandelier.  This will be the current situation for a while other than changing out throw pillows and swapping out pictures.

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Hello! My name is Sarah…

I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I am a wife to the greatest husband and stay at home mom to 4 awesome kids. One girl and 3 boys; two of which are identical twins.  They are my full time job and my greatest purpose in life.  They are all in school now, so I have more time on my hands than I used to.  I recently turned 40 which means I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what’s next in my life.  I’ve always loved the idea of writing and I’ve grown to love the art of decorating my home.  So, I thought I would join the blogging world. I love reading about how others design their homes and all the ideas they share and thoght I could be a part of that conversation. This will be a hobby for me to use as a creative outlet and an opportunity for me to set and meet goals.  I figured I could be one more source of inspiration and encouragement or at least a bit of light reading and entertainment.  So, welcome to Designing Twelvestones. I’m glad to have you!


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Ode to Little Green Notebook

My guess is if you read blogs like mine, you are already well acquainted with Little Green Notebook. If you’re not,  click on this site immediately. You will not regret it. Jenny Komenda is one of the most creative, imaginative, talented designers around. She can pretty much do anything from building furniture to dying a gorgeous pattern into curtains to painting  her own art.  My favorite thing about her is while she’s definitely willing to splurge on some key items she will also shop places like Target and World Market for furniture and accessories. She is full of ideas and takes the time to clearly instruct her readers how to d.i.y. her many projects. Reading her blog has given me such a clearer vision of my own style and helped me create a home I truly love. Not to mention her instastories that are full of smiles and laughter and tons of inspiration. So, thank you Jenny and Little Green Notebook for a wonderful blog to follow and for inspiring me to do the same! Many years of success to you!!!


House Tour / January 25, 2018

HOUSE TOUR – Dining Room


The Before pictures are from when we first moved in.  The previous owners took the curtains with them.  At this point I was still not sure what my style was.  The furniture was purchased from Craigslist a few years prior.  I didn’t love it at this point but wasn’t ready to redo the room just yet.  I talked my husband into letting me redo the dining room this year as my Christmas present.  We have lived in this particular house for almost 5 years and the dining room looked the same as when we bought it.  The color was not one I would have chosen and the dining room table and chairs had seen better days. The light fixture was my least favorite part of the room. It just didn’t flow with the rest of the house.

I knew I wanted to paint the room first. After many hours on Pinterest and Instagram and reading all my favorite blogs I decided I wanted to paint the walls white and put color on the wainscoting. It’s not a look for everyone, but it was the direction I wanted to go. All the trim in my house and several walls are Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White.  So, I used that for the top half of the wall.  I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Guacamole for the wainscoting. Mostly cause I loved the color but also because it’s called Guacamole!  Once the paint was up, the room felt totally different.  Much brighter and much more dramatic.  I have an old dresser that I’ve used as a buffet in the room.  I decided to paint it the same color as the wainscoting so that it would somewhat blend in with the wall.  I changed out the hardware to brass to give it a bit of an update as well as greater contrast.  Next up was the light fixture.  I fell in love with the Berkshire Linear Pendant with linen shades from Rejuvination.  Once installed, the room started really coming together.  I have a fairly large dining room, so the 44 1/2 inch fixture really made a statement.  I brought in an old Persian rug from my father in laws old law firm and then furnished it with the Bradding extension table from Pier 1 and some faux leather chairs from AllModern.  I decided to use a round mirror above the dresser since everything else was square.  I also wanted curtains but nothing too bold.  I went with the White Striped Jute Sahaj Tab Top Curtains From World Market.  They are somewhat sheer and let in plenty of light, but the jute stripe gives them good texture.

I’m ultimately so happy with the way it turned out.  I will tweak things here and there and may eventually get a larger rug for the room.  I definitely need to style the dresser a little more and find some more accessories for my table, but for now, I love this room and all the memories we will make in it.


(Hilarious that I photo bombed the above pic and didn’t realize it until I posted it. However it was the only way to get this angle.)